Our group of young, energetic professionals are looking for new and creative minds to step into Eligius and help us evolve our company.

Apply and be part of our successful and lively environment.


Do you like to work for nonprofits?
Do you like to work in a lucrative business?
Do you like interacting with people?
Apply for a Brand Ambassador position through our Events Division. In this corner of the company we send out our top Brand Ambassadors to market on behalf of our nonprofit clients. These professionals draw in donors for these nonprofits. You will be trained by our leading representatives to obtain all of the information and skills that you will need to succeed in the field.


Do you like saving the world?
Do you like interacting with new people everyday?
Are you comfortable with Door-To-Door Sales?
Apply for our Appointment Setter position in our Solar Division. You will be booking appointments for our more experienced representatives to close the deal. You will be closing deals before you know it, and we are so excited to see you grow within our company.
Solar is currently a highly sought after career, don’t you want to be a part of that?


Through our Events Division, we are offering weekend internships to college students!
This is a PAID internship where you will get hands on experience in Face-To-Face marketing. You will be marketing on behalf of nonprofits on the weekends and attending school during the week, this is the dream right?
We can’t wait for your young inventive minds to help us grow our company.

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