Eligius Marketing Group is the leading Face-To-Face Marketing company in South Carolina. We pride ourselves on being an energetic crew of young professionals working to save the world one day at a time. Our main objective is to effectively market on behalf of our clients to the public. This innovative approach of reaching communities is how we are able to maintain our outstanding reputation in the great city of Charleston.

Let’s dive a little deeper. Eligius Marketing takes a different approach than most, in terms of Face-To-Face Marketing. We provide ground-breaking training techniques to our staff so that they are full of confidence and enthusiasm before they even begin their journey with us. Our goal is to ensure safety and profit for everyone. We provide sanitation stations to local businesses that allow us to represent our clients. This ensures safety to all personal entering and exiting these businesses. We provide a contactless way of donation and interaction that allows everyone to profit. When it comes to our solar division we take every precaution to make certain our clients and buyers are comfortable and well protected. These small but effective methods are what make up Eligius Marketing Group.